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Born and raised in the southern part of Germany, I never even dreamed that there was amber in the Caribbean. After traveling around the world a couple of times due to my import-export business, living within the Hispano-American culture on and off the South-American continent, I finally settled down in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic. And I fell in love with it. With the Caribbean and with the Natural Amber I found here.

I defend the idea that the best amber comes the way Mother Nature offers it, without being boiled, heated, colored, melted,  pressed,  autoclaved or changed in any way. But, I am also aware that this is being done (not in the Dominican Republic, mind you). Some people even have developed an art in handling this substance and it’s kind of interesting what they make.  For some it had been considered a culture and even an art – if you want to call it that way. That’s fine with me. But I feel that the public definitely has the right to know what they are buying, wouldn’t you agree? On top of it, hiding this information takes away the merit from the artisans who accomplish it.

Arbeitskreis Bernstein IAA International Amber Association

To share my enthusiasm about amber with the world, I started this and other web sites for natural amber lovers like myself, and made it a fun place to visit with lots of useful information about the REAL natural amber and related subjects. I don’t know everything about amber and am learning every day. Therefore, if you have comments, suggestions, or concrete information to help our readers, please contact me. And if you would like to see your link on our web site, let me know.