New World Amber

Amber has been found in North and Central America (mainly Mexico) and in the Dominican Republic.

The beauty of Dominican amber is not only skin deep. It is not only the looks, it is the preciousness and the knowledge that it was not human hand and industriousness that created the unique colors of natural amber. It was nature itself, it was storms, earthquakes, shifting continents, rising sea levels, pressure, heat and almost 40 million years that made Dominican amber what it is. This is what happened and this is what accounts for the blue, the green the purple and other shades, besides the yellow and brown.

Dominican amber is not heat treated to reproduce the colors. It is not clarified and all inclusions are natural. Mother Nature took care of it.

Of all natural Dominican color variations, blue is the most precious, and is highly sought-after by collectors and high-end jewelers. Alas, only about 50 kilos of top quality blue amber are found per year. And even of the lower grades probably only 300 kilos are found each year. If that number is compared to the 26 tons of gem grade diamonds that are mined per year, this makes blue amber one of the rarest and most exclusive gemstones around. It is closely followed by the natural green amber.


Natural Colors of Dominican amber
Natural Colors of Dominican amber